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Quirky, poignant and tongue-in-cheek The Wyndham Werewolf is a collection of short stories set in the Australian countryside. But don’t expect to find Aussie folklore and stockmen in big hats: these tales take you somewhere completely different. How would you feel if you were stalked by a wombat skinwalker? Offered a lift home by the local werewolf? Or just digging your own grave, up on the ridge where you can admire the sunset. Life in the country is stranger than you think.

The Wyndham Werewolf” is a collection of intriguing bedtime tales from the mysterious Fallacious Rose, an excellent author, as it turns out...The short stories, downbeat and downplayed, yet strangely entrancing, are told in a soft yet menacing style....The sheer quality of Rose’s writing style wraps the reader in a big, cosy hug....This was a very enjoyable book – so enjoyable, in fact, the only disappointment was that at just 85 pages it left me wanting to read a lot more, and wishing it was twice the length